Interlock Scoop: Aug 15, 2022 Edition

Andrew Ciaccia
August 15, 2022

Another week of Hot Project Summer is in the books! How you feeling out there? Hot and sweaty…we hope so!  Our team is set up for a successful fall! Bouncer has completed training camp and is almost ready for action!  Here’s all you need to know about Week 8 of Interlock’s Hot Project Summer! 


Successful Beta for Bouncer! We shipped bouncer to Beta users, so far the results have been strong…just like Bouncer!  Bouncer only registered 3 false positives. We’re ready to ship our Discord security bot to Alpha users. Want to hire Bouncer for your Discord server or know a Discord server that could use it? Let us know and we will get you started! 

On a Roll with Security Staking Contracts: Our dev team has almost completed a fully-functioning suite of security staking contracts. A crucial part of our network is incentivizing people to identify malicious links that our algorithms miss. Security staking contracts allows Interlock to create a robust threat intelligence network that combines our Visual AI with our security stakers! 

Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Attacks: Social Engineering is much more common than you think, and it's a method scammers often use in Web3. Read this article to learn more about it and protect yourself from scammers.

Upcoming Quests:

Protect Ya Neck! ( And Wallet): In the wise words of Wu-Tang Clan, Protect Ya’ Neck, but do the Web3 version…Protect Ya’ Wallet! Be on the lookout for our article on how to protect your wallet!

Privacy and Ethics with Koii Network:  Join us this Wed for a discussion on ethics and privacy in security. Koii Network is hosting and we’ll be joined by the KYC Alliance. Click here for event details and to set a reminder!

Securing Web3 with Tapx: This week we are joining Tapx Talks to continue the topic of Securing Web3! The event will be on LinkedIn Live. Check out all the event details here! 

Keep it real (and hot!), Interlockers! Talk to you next week! 

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