Interlock Scoop: Aug 8, 2022 Edition

Andrew Ciaccia
August 8, 2022

Week 7 of Hot Project Summer is in the books! What a wild week it was for DeFi, with 7,000 Slope wallets drained and big protocol hacks abound…

Here’s a recap of last week. Hope all you Interlockers have an amazing week! 


Token Model Now Open-Sourced & Under Review: Thanks to our principal engineer, Nick's genius has open-sourced our token model. It was an intense process that involved intensive research and cadCAD, a program that allows you to create and test complex systems. You can find this awesomely complex system here on Github

The token modeling experts at Outlier Ventures are reviewing our token model, which features over 4,000 possible relationships to keep our security network healthy. 

Prototyping Security Staking Contracts: A crucial part of our network is incentivizing people to identify malicious links that our algorithms miss. That way, more information is garnered from what users identify as potentially dangerous links and pages. This combines both the human and non-human elements to ensure a robust threat intelligence network. And we’re prototyping smart contracts to make this possible! 

Web3 Security Collaboration?...:
Our CEO, Rick, met with the Wallet Guard team last week. They had fruitful conversations about potentially working together. 

Telegram, meet Bouncer!: Telegram scams are on a rampage, but Bouncer will be here to deny them at the doorstep. Our dev team has begun developing Bouncer for Telegram!

Crypto Social Media Scams: With the #Web3 space growing, social media has become the epicenter of crypto scams. Check out this article from our content manager, Jake, to learn about social media #crypto scams and how to avoid them!

Rug Pull Article: $2.8 billion was stolen by DeFi rug pull scams last year according to Chainalysis. Having knowledge and taking precautions is the best way to deal with crypto rug pulls. Read this article featuring @KYC_Alliance to learn more about it!

Up Next

Finishing up our whitepaper: We’re putting the final touches on our refreshed whitepaper, which details how we will help secure DeFi.

Bouncer Ships This Week: Bouncer, our Discord Security Bot is ready for action for our beta users. Based on performance and feedback, Bouncer should be ready for the masses in mid-September. 

Developing Bouncer Threatstream: We are speccing a new feature for Bouncer. This will be a new way for users to remove spam and dodgy content across the whole Discord community. Users are going to be able to flag any comments which they think are malicious, which will then send a message to a mod-only Discord channel. If the mod agrees that it is spam, it is deleted. This feature allows protection for other neighboring Discord servers and not just the ones you control. 

Web 3 Security AMA with Tapx X: Mark your calendar for August 18, we’ll be hosting a web3 security AMA with Tap X. Invites will go out soon.

That’s a wrap folks, talk soon!

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