Interlock Scoop: July 17, 2022 Edition

Andrew Ciaccia
July 17, 2022

Hot Project Summer is heating up! 🔥 Yours truly is a day behind with your beloved update article because of a faulty laptop keyboard (and maybe too many Aperol Spritzs…maybe!)

Let’s go!

Open-sourced our Token Model: Thanks to our principal engineer, Nick’s genius has open-sourced our token model. It was an intense process that involved intensive research and cadCAD, a program that allows you to create and test complex systems. You can find this awesomely complex system here on Github.

A sample of the $ILOCK token flow.

Nick put a lot of detail and intensive economic modeling into our token model. Here’s a sample of the $ILOCK token flow.

Bouncer gets an IQ Boost! We implemented Octahedron, a server-side interface for Bouncer to make more intelligent threat decisions.

Why Web 3 Needs Security Proactivity: We participated in a web3 security AMA, hosted by TapX, with a bunch of other cool web 3 security projects. Check out what we had to say in this recap.

New blog! Who dis?!?! We launched our new blog! We’ll work out the bugs and begin updating it with new posts over the coming weeks, with lots of content for you, the community!

Upcoming Quests:

Meeting with AZERO in NYC: I’ll be meeting some of the Aleph Zero team in New York City next week to discuss our partnership and Aleph Zero use cases for Bouncer.

Updating Whitepaper: Our content team is working on a revamped version of our whitepaper that details exactly how we will help attack the security problem in DeFi. It should be published within the next two weeks.

That’s a wrap folks, it was probably the best 60 seconds of your weekend. Tomorrow kicks off week 6 of hot project summer. Let’s keep it hot!

As always, hit me up with any questions, comments or content ideas.

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