Interlock Scoop: July 9, 2022 Edition

Andrew Ciaccia
July 13, 2022

Week 4 of Hot Project Summer is in the books. As always, the team is hard at work. And yours truly is hard at work on his farmer’s tan. 😂

Here’s this week’s rundown…Go!

Testing! Testing! Aleph Zero: Our dev team is prototyping staking contracts on Aleph Zero, (another Hot Summer Project #HPS). Speaking of staking and tokens…

Goodbye $INTR, hello $ILOCK: just launched their token named $INTR. Since we haven’t launched yet, we have decided to change our token name to $ILOCK. Pronounced “Eye-Lock”. Language of origin: English? Anyways, the name change will not affect anything! :)

Find Bouncer on GitHub: Our dev team has released the repository for Bouncer, our Discord security bot, on Github. Checkout the Bouncer repo here to see what we have right around the corner and what future features we have planned. Please feel free to contribute and add any features you’d like to see!

Something smells “phishy”… DeFi is riddled with phishing scams, so we wrote an article on Crypto Phishing Scams and how to stay safe. Find the article here.

Upcoming Quests

Security AMA: Join us and TapX next Wednesday, July 13, at 11 a.m. EST for an AMA about DeFi security. We’ll tweet out the Twitter Space signup early next week.

DeFi Security Academy: Next week we’re launching our own Interlock blog, the DeFi Security Academy. We’re excited to host our own content, while providing educational resources for you, our community members! Have anything specific you’d like us to write about? Let me know!

Bouncer Marketing Assets: We’re excited to start promoting Bouncer marketing assets soon! We have landing pages and content ready to roll. And we are ready to bring Bouncer, our gentle giant, to life as an NFT format for you, the community!

A sneak peek of our landing page for Bouncer.

That’s it for this week, Interlockers! Have a great weekend and keep the temperature up! Hot Project Summer! #HPS 🔥

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