Interlock Scoop: June 10, 2022 Edition

Andrew Ciaccia
June 10, 2022

TGIF Interlock Community! While the market’s in a slump, we’ve been busy bees building the Interlock team and product! Here’s some updates for our community!

The team is growing!

Interlock has a new Content Manager, Jake Aquilina! You can expect educational web3 security content and a steady stream of project updates from him. We think there’s a lack of web3 security content, and Jake is here to fill that gap.

We’re also pumped to welcome Reuben Wong and Hakan Imre, our new community managers. They’ve been doing amazing work, engaging with the community and planning fun events content for you.

Join our Discord channel and say hello to Reuben (@ReuX), Hakan (@nyghl) and Jake (@Jjhakimoto).

Bouncer is (almost) here to protect your Discord party!

Very soon we’re launching our first consumer product, Bouncer; a Discord security bot. Bouncer keeps dangerous links out of your public channels, so your Discord party can keep on rockin’.

It instantly scans links in public channels and removes the bad ones, keeping safe conversations flowing. Setup takes about a minute and your community members are instantly protected.

If you’d like to try Bouncer, tag @interlockweb3 in a tweet with “I’d like to try Bouncer #bouncerbot”.

Upcoming Interlock Quests

  • Hackernoon Article and AMA: Hackernoon is going to publish articles about Bouncer, and we’re going to host an AMA with them too! We’ll keep you posted on the event dates.
  • Private community group: Hakan and Reuben will be launching an exclusive community with in-depth content and more team access for our top supporters.
  • Looking to Hire: We’re looking for a Social Media Manager that’ll work closely with our CMO Andrew, Jake, Reuben and Hakan. If you’d like to apply or know someone who would be interested, follow this link.
  • Browser extension: We’re still working hard on our browser extension which will protect against browser-based attacks. We share Tech Tuesday updates from our engineering team every week in our Discord and Telegram Communities.
  • NFT NYC: Andrew and our Principal Engineer, Nick are heading to the 4th annual NFT industry event held between June 20th to 23rd. Hit them up on Discord or TG if you want to connect at the event.

Have any suggestions for content or things you’d like to see from us? Drop us a line in Discord or Telegram.

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