Interlock Scoop: June 24, 2022 Edition

Andrew Ciaccia
June 24, 2022

TGIF to you, Interlock community member! We’re in week 2 of Hot Project Summer. #hps🔥

Nick, our principal engineer, and I just returned from NFT NYC. Good to be back in the saddle and jammin’ away, (but it’s not like we ever stopped)!

Here’s this week’s rundown!

NFT NYC: Forged bonds and discovered new projects

Nick and I did the conference rounds at NFT NYC. The conference was unorganized and too crowded, but overall it was valuable. We had a productive and enjoyable dinner with the Aleph Zero team. And also got to meet Jonathan Pullinger from Outlier Ventures in real life!

We found two projects with real-world utility and that are also solving actual problems: Ethereum Push Notification System and Web3Auth (Not affiliated or partnered with either project, just thought they were really cool!).

Web3 Security AMA with Koii Network and KYC Alliance

We co-hosted a Web3 Security AMA with Eric from Koii Network and Chris aka “Know Your Crook”. Dan, our product manager, and I discussed Discord security and Bouncer, while Chris gave tips and tool recommendations for DYOR(‘do your own research’). Listen to the recording here. And make sure to give Eric and Chris a follow on twitter!

Discord Hacks Article

We wrote an in-depth article about how Discord hackers and scammers compromise servers. Protect yourself, your server, and your community by giving it a read here.

Minted Proof-of Concept Token

Our dev team minted a proof-of-concept token with an up and coming Layer 1. We’re very excited about their technology, roadmap, and community!

Launched Private Community

Finally, we created a private space on an enterprise-grade community platform for our most engaged supporters. This will include insider-access to all things Interlock. A handful of community members are testing the platform. Be on the lookout for your invite!

Upcoming Interlock Quests

  • Bouncer Mascot: We have a creative studio working on a 3D mascot for Bouncer. A sneak peek of the prototype will be shared next week. And we might even do a Bouncer NFT for the community!
  • Bouncer: Continuous tweaking of the Discord bot by our dev team. It’s on track for very good results in removing scams from your server!
  • Scam stories: We’re going to start sharing scam stories from our community members that have been victims of fraud or hacks. Have a story and want to be featured? Contact me on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

That’s a wrap for this week, folks! Have an amazing weekend! Got suggestions for content or things you’d like to see from us? Drop me a line in Discord or Telegram.

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