Interlock Scoop: September 19, 2022

Andrew Ciaccia
September 19, 2022

Today’s magic number is 3. It’s the number of days left in hot project summer and the number of espressos I’ve had while finishing this edition of the Scoop!

This week’s rundown…

“All In” on Aleph Zero!

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to build on Aleph Zero! Building on Aleph Zero will allow us to create the strongest possible security products and network to protect DeFi.

Their ultra-talented team knows how to engineer distributed systems — -and they’re doing it right. We wanted to work with a team that prioritized correctness and rigor over flashy marketing headlines. And their technology is top notch. Plus, the Aleph Zero community is strong and dedicated!

The “official” announcement and details will be out soon…see below pic.

Antoni Zolciak (bottom), co-founder of Aleph Zero, and I planning our go-to-market strategy, official announcements, and a trip to Poland!

Bounce, Bounce… Come on Bouncer!

Updates on our Discord security bot

Two New Features En Route: Bouncer will soon support slash commands and “receipts”. Slash commands give server owners granular control over Bouncer’s Actions. Receipts show all malicious activity for a particular user, so you can show a user the history of their activity when you decided to moderate them.

Bouncer NFTs on Aleph Zero: Bouncer will be available to the masses in the next month. We’re going to mint Bouncer NFTs on Aleph Zero as software licenses, that will give access to our Discord security bot.

Want to Hire Bouncer? Bouncer is currently in alpha, and if you’re in a community that would be interested to try it out, reach out to me on TG or Discord, and we’ll get you setup!

Beefing Up our Token Model

Our token has been positively reviewed by Outlier Ventures, which gives us confidence that we’re building the best version to facilitate the future of DeFi security. Our dev team is working non-stop to ensure that it’s extremely robust, especially with the use of CadCAD. It allows us to analyze different variables which makes our project and token function in an extremely stable manner!

Bonus Updates!

Let’s meet at Mainnet 2022, NYC! The squad will be attending Mainnet this week: Dan, Nick, and the man, the myth, the legend himself our CEO Rick will be attending! We’ll be at booth #124 on Wednesday and Thursday Stop by and say hello!

Pre-Sale 2, Commence! We closed our first round of funding back in January for $2.5 million and we’re looking to get our 2nd pre-sale closed in the next few months.

See you in the Fall!

Have a great week and keep it real! See you in the Fall.

That’s a rap. Over and out!

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