Interlock Ambassador Program


The Interlock Ambassador Program is designed to promote community engagement and drive growth by raising awareness about Interlock's cybersecurity products and the importance of digital safety. Ambassadors are instrumental in spreading knowledge, educating communities, and leading grassroots efforts to create a more secure Web3 Space contributing to Interlock’s growth. Learn how you can join the program to help shape the future of Interlock and gain groundbreaking experience in the Web3 Ecosystem.

Combating Security Challenges with the Power of Web3

Interlock solves Web2 security challenges with Web3 products. Our AI-powered browser extension, ThreatSlayer, rewards users for sharing security data while protecting them from dangerous websites, wallet drainers, and scams.  We monetize the shared security data in the $11 billion yearly B2B threat intel market, creating a first-of-its-kind crowdsourced threat intelligence, platform. Think of a Brave-style model, but for cybersecurity.

Hear directly from our CEO in a recent episode of Entrepreneur's Elevator Ptich.

Program Structure

The Interlock Ambassador Program consists of four tiers, each with unique advantages and rewards, enhancing individual growth and contribution to Interlock’s cybersecurity products across Web3.
Cyber Icon
Cyber Ambassadors

The initial tier for new Ambassadors, focusing on learning, educating the community, engaging and contributing to Interlock’s growth.

Interlock Icon
Interlock Ambassadors

An intermediate tier for those who have demonstrated commitment to Interlock and cybersecurity awareness in Web3. When you are promoted to this tier you will benefit from higher rewards, benefits and you get a surprise

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Slayer Ambassadors

For Ambassadors who have shown leadership and made significant contributions to the community's understanding of Interlock’s cybersecurity products, once you get promoted to this tier, not only your responsibilities increase but also your rewards and benefits while you contribute and focus on Interlock, you will also get a special surprise as you reach this tier.

Autocrat Icon
Autocrat Ambassadors

The top tier for exceptional Ambassadors who have achieved remarkable success in promoting Interlock's products and fostering a secure community. In this top tier you will be considered one of the brightest stars among the top performing ambassadors and the aim of this tier is to reward you as exceptionally as your efforts, you will get the recognition you deserve and also the rewards, benefits and advantages that come with the promotion.

Progress is evaluated quarterly, allowing Ambassadors to move through the tiers as they demonstrate increasing commitment and impact in different Social platforms.

Ambassador Responsibilities

As an Interlock Ambassador, your role is to educate and engage the community about  Interlock's cybersecurity products. Key responsibilities include:

  • Promoting Interlock and its cybersecurity products on Social platforms like X (Twitter), YouTube, Meta, and TikTok among others.

  • Creating educational content, including articles, videos, and posts that raise awareness about cyber-security best practices and Interlock products.

  • Engaging with followers, answering questions, and providing support on Interlock's products and services.

  • Leading and managing local or international Interlock communities on platforms like Telegram, organizing events and discussions to foster understanding of cybersecurity Interlock products will be pivotal for Ambassadors promotion to higher tiers.

  • Collaborating with the Interlock core team, offering feedback, and sharing insights from the community.

  • Adhering to Interlock's brand guidelines while representing the project online and offline.

Metrics and Evaluation

Ambassadors are evaluated based on:

  • Social metrics, including follower growth, engagement activity, and the quality and consistency of their content.

  • Leadership and community-building activities, particularly in the context of promoting Interlock’s cybersecurity products and their impact in Web3.

  • Creativity, consistency, and overall impact in educating the community about Interlock's  cybersecurity products.

Rewards and Incentives

The program rewards Ambassadors based on their tier and performance, providing various incentives to encourage sustained contribution:

  • Exclusive access to Interlock events, product updates, and educational resources.

  • Rewards, bonuses, or incentives based on achievements in promoting Interlock's products.

  • Swag, merchandise, and special recognition for outstanding contributions about Interlock and cyber-security awareness in Web3.

  • Opportunities for collaboration with the Interlock core team.

Guidelines and Support

To ensure Ambassadors have the resources and support they need, Interlock provides:

  • Onboarding materials, including guidelines and toolkits to help Ambassadors start their journey.

  • Regular updates, newsletters, and training sessions to stay informed about Interlock's products and cybersecurity trends.

  • Dedicated support from the Interlock core team for questions and assistance.

Yearly Bonus

At the end of each year, Ambassadors are eligible for a bonus based on their tier and performance throughout the year. This bonus is determined by their achievements, impact, and consistency in promoting Interlock's products and cyber-security; bonus may vary from tokens to Swag or exclusive gifts.


The Interlock Ambassador Program offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in the field of cybersecurity while contributing to the growth of Interlock. If you're interested, visit our website, to submit your application. Applications will be opened for the next 10 days, with the Ambassador selection announced a couple of weeks after thorough review. Don't forget to join our Discord and Telegram channels to stay updated on the announcement.

Now join the Interlock Ambassador Program and be one of the 100 that will get selected to be part of the journey towards a safer, more secure digital future in Web3. We look forward to welcoming you to the Program! make Interlock your new family.

Join the Interlock Ambassador Program

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