Decentralized Security Incentivized for Everyone

Stay protected online and earn $INTR token for making DeFi safer

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It's time to take crypto security seriously

Interlock protects DeFi while rewarding the community that makes it safer

Protect Your Crypto and NFTs

Download our browser extension to stay safe from phishing, scams and bad downloads

Community Immunity

Improve DeFi's ability to battle cybercrime by sharing threat intel

Earn While Browsing

Passively earn $INTR token while browsing and sharing anonymized security data

Exponential Growth

Demand for $INTR increases as threat intel is integrated into apps that protect protocols, people and infrastructure

Project roadmap

Three phases 'til decentralized security

Phase 1

Protect DeFi Consumers

Launch our consumer browser extension that lays the foundation for our decentralized security platform

ERC-20 utility token fuels our ecosystem of community-driven security products and threat intel network

Learn more about $INTR Token

Launch the consumer version of our already-in-market, enterprise product that protects users from online threats while rewarding them with $INTR for sharing anonymized security data

Empower a group of elite users that scour the web for dangerous sites to make our threat intel data even more robust

Phase 2

Monetize with INTRprise

As our consumer network grows, our value to enterprises grows in sync.  $INTR demand increases by selling security products to large businesses

Increase existing customer contract value and acquire new customers for our enterprise browser security platform

We license Interlock threat intel solutions to Fortune 500 customers that see a shift from centralized to decentalized security

Interlock embeds into web3 applications like wallets, exchanges and other web3 projects to prevent fraud and cybercrime

Phase 3

Launch the first DeSec platform

Release our blockchain-based threat intel and become the hub for DeFi security

Allow anyone to create security dApps on our decentralized security platform

Protect active-security wallets and create consumer security products like DNS, VPN and email.

Create cross-chain products like KYC, incident response and bug bounties.

Our investors

Backed by some of the biggest names in web3

The Interlock Founders

Pioneers in Decentralized Security

Rick Deacon

Rick Deacon

Former cybersecurity researcher, YC alumni & founder with a successful exit

Erhan Justice

Erhan Justice

Former Apple engineer, YC founder & pioneer of browser isolation technology

Nick Zivković

Nick Zivković

Pre-acquisition Joyent engineer & expert at building distributed systems

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