Have you noticed a difference in ThreatSlayer lately? We've just rolled out a major update that builds on our commitment to revolutionizing security with web3, all while keeping you safe!

Here's the exciting news: ThreatSlayer just passed a real-world test with flying colors. During a month-long beta, a team of 172 testers put ThreatSlayer through its paces, scanning over 10,000 unique URLs and uncovering a whopping 104 malicious sites. This rigorous testing proves that ThreatSlayer delivers the powerful protection you deserve, all for free!

Here's what you need to know about the ThreatSlayer update

Enhanced Threat Detection

At the core of ThreatSlayer lies our powerful AI engine. In this update, we've significantly refined it, granting it superior capabilities to identify and block malicious websites in real-time. This translates to heightened protection against even the most novel phishing attempts.. You can navigate the web with increased confidence, knowing ThreatSlayer is actively guarding you.

Account Creation & One Click Sign-In

This feature lets you create a ThreatSlayer account. When our rewards system launches, your account will seamlessly track all the points you earn for helping keep the web safe.  With an account, you can log in using your credentials to easily accumulate stats on all your browsers. Additionally, one-click sign-in leveraging Google accounts expedites the onboarding process

Referral Feature Introduced

We're dedicated to fostering a robust community of users committed to a safer internet. The upcoming referral system empowers you to contribute to this collective effort. By promoting ThreatSlayer to others, you can play a vital role in safeguarding the online landscape, while also benefiting from future reward opportunities.

A Streamlined User Interface for Enhanced Usability

We've meticulously redesigned the ThreatSlayer interface to prioritize your experience. The new layout offers an intuitive and streamlined approach to configuration and settings management. Additionally, one-click sign-in leveraging Google accounts expedites the onboarding process, ensuring you can harness ThreatSlayer's protection swiftly and effortlessly.‍

Embracing Web3: Integration with Popular Wallets

We're at the forefront of web3 integration. The update introduces connections to several popular blockchain wallets, including Arbitrum and Aleph Zero. This paves the way for future advancements that leverage blockchain technology, promising a future brimming with exciting possibilities for ThreatSlayer's role within the web3 ecosystem.‍

Personalized Security with Granular User Control

The latest update grants you greater control over your ThreatSlayer experience. The expanded Settings menu allows you to personalize your security posture by adding a profile picture and modifying your password. This enhanced control fosters a sense of ownership and reinforces ThreatSlayer's commitment to user empowerment.‍

What's Up Next for ThreatSlayer?

Our dev team is busy cooking up the Testnet Version of ThreatSlayer.  It's true! We're working hard behind the scenes to make it awesome, and to ensure a smooth reward system launch, we'll be inviting a select group of testers to try it out first. Keep an eye on your inbox, you might be chosen!

Additionally, be on the lookout for early users campaign details next week.

Stay tuned for more updates! ThreatSlayer is more than just top-notch security together we're building a secure and rewarding future for web3.

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