Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join your community?

Is my browsing data private and confidential?

Interlock respects our users’ privacy. You choose exactly what anonymized and private data you would like to share with us. The more you share, the more $ILOCK you earn. And you can always choose to share nothing at all!

Who made this? Why should I trust you?

Interlock was founded by YCombinator alumnus and has a team with decades of experience in building security products. We're here to make lasting value for everyone: investors, customers, community members, and ourselves.

Where does your funding come from?

We’re backed by top tier Web3 investors: Outlier Ventures, 8186 Ventures, GAINS, Pluto, KON, MaxStealth, RBC, FishDAO, Damo Labs, Waterdrip Capital, and Scorpio VC.

Which browsers does it work on?

Our browser extension supports Firefox and chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave. Operaand Microsoft Edge.

Is this a web browser? Is it a VPN?

No, ThreatSlayer is a browser extension you can install on most major browsers.

What attacks does your browser extension protect me from?

Our browser extension protects you from all types of browser-based threats including: Phishing, Coin Theft, Resource Theft (illicit mining), Pump/Dump Campaign Alert, Illicit Service Wallet Addresses (drugs, sex, violence, coin tumblers, embargoed, etc.), Malvertising, Malicious Browser Extensions, Malicious Scripts, Spearphishing, Icephishing, Scam Coins, Scam Wallet Addresses, Scam Wallet Software, Scam Exchanges Scam Swappers...

What are the functions of your security browser extension, ThreatSlayer?

Our browser extension is the first product in our ecosystem of community-driven security products to protect DeFi. It blocks ads and protects you from browser based threats.

Can you share the best thing your project has achieved so far?

I think our biggest achievement is building a great team with great investors! We're lucky — every project has great tech but it's more important, in my opinion, to have a great team.

What are Interlock’s killer features?

We're the first Web3 blockchain-based security company with a sensor network created by our users. Everyone with the extension is participating in making the network stronger for themselves and the companies/projects they use and like. This wasn't possible before blockchain and crypto!

What is "security staking"?

You’re talking about our bounty hunter group, which is on our roadmap for later this year. It will be a special, invite-only group with extremely cool prizes and rewards: Think NFTs, extra tokens, and prestigious positions in the network.

We're REALLY excited about our bounty hunters. Keep an eye on our socials in the future where we'll share more details about how you can become one and earn $ILOCK by securing the internet.

How can new users understand your project easily?

We have 53 articles in our resource section including high-level project information, technology overviews and educational content about security.

Do you listen to community feedback when you create new products or expand on existing ones?

Yes, and that process hasn't stopped. We always work to build what our customers and clients want most. We are still open to that feedback and want to continue to adapt to the needs of both customers and cybersecurity.

Join our Telegram or Discord communities to join the conversation.

Could you please share your future roadmap?

Our roadmap is here:

We add to the roadmap all the time, so please come back to it often!

What utility does $ILOCK have? Why should I buy it?

We believe that $ILOCK token will grow in value because it's tied to tangible outcomes for our users and customers. For example, our enterprise customers will use $ILOCK to buy threat data from us—and our users will be paid for generating that threat data while staying protected with our browser extension. This creates an immediate market for our token.

Everyone who joins into the project early will be part of that growth journey and we want early adopters to see our ecosystem grow into more and more products that benefit individuals, enterprises, and most importantly, Web3.$ILOCK Ecosystem ParticipantsSecurity Stakers: Sometimes our AI Threat Detection needs some human assistance to determine if a page is dangerous or not. So when users help improve our data set by improve our threat detection, you earn  $ILOCK tokens. Interlock also allows you to stake for yield, as an added bonus.

URL Scanning Fees: Tokens will be used to scan URLs, upgrade product functionality, and customize experience. Interlock will subsidize the scanning fee for the first 18 months.

ThreatSlayer Users: Users are rewarded with $ILOCK for sharing anonymized security data

Bounty Hunters: An underground group of power users that scour the web and click on everything dangerous or malicious-looking. Think bug bounties, but easier to find. They’ll help determine what’s safe or not, and earn $ILOCK tokens for doing the dirty work.

Enterprise & Data Platform Customers: Our platform is also sold to large enterprises. As the enormity of our threat intelligence network grows, our value to our enterprise customers increases. We also sell additional security data products to enterprises, who can then buy and stake tokens for licensing discounts.

Has Interlock been audited?

Of course. Being that we're a security company we take auditing, both from a smart contract perspective, as well as from a security perspective, very seriously. Our smart contracts are have recently completed and passed an audit from Kudeleski Security.

What is Interlock?

Traditional security providers have failed to address the persistent issues of phishing and social engineering attacks, which cause substantial financial harm to everyday internet users. Despite spending billions of dollars on security ($8.7 billion for consumers and $88.7 billion for enterprises last year), Web2 solutions remain siloed and ineffective. It is time for a new approach that involves collaboration between all stakeholders to create a safer internet for everyone.

Introducing Interlock, blockchain-based security products for individuals and enterprises that  enable this necessary Web3 collaboration. By leveraging blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we harness the power of the crowd to share essential threat intelligence data between consumers and enterprises, resulting in a safer internet for all.

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