2024 Roadmap for a Safer Internet for Everyone

Creating a two-sided marketplace of security products for consumers and enterprises.

Phase 1: Protect Consumers

Scale ThreatSlayer and token launch to protect consumers and lay the foundation for our revenue generating enterprise software business.

Threat Slayer
Q1, 2024
ThreatSlayer with Rewards

Launch blockchain-enabled ThreatSlayer with $ILOCK rewards, upgraded functionality and security staking.

Q1, 2024
$ILOCK Token Launch

Launch our token on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Q2, 2024
Bouncer: Protect Discord

Scale organic acquisition of Bouncer, our free Discord bot that scans and removes malicious links from public channels. Currently protecting over 55,000 users.

Phase 2: Protect Enterprises

Expanding our offerings to protect large enterprises

NetKeeper: Enterprise Browser Security
Q2, 2024
NetKeeper: Enterprise Browser Security

Launch the enterprise-level version of ThreatSlayer, designed to enhance customer value and attract new clients. NetKeeper targets the $14 billion per year browser defense market.

Q3, 2024
Interlock Labs: Threat Intel

Begin sales efforts for the crowd-sourced threat intel shared by ThreatSlayer users. The datal improves cybersecurity posture for enterprises, addressing the $10 billion per year threat intelligence market.

Q4 , 2024
Autocrat: AI Threat Detection

Expand selling efforts of our threat detection API  to browsers, wallets and more. Web3 companies can purchase $ILOCK to use as URL scanning fees.

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