$ILOCK to Launch on Arbitrum and Aleph Zero, Embracing a Multi-Chain Future

Andrew Ciaccia
December 1, 2023

$ILOCK to Launch on Arbitrum and Aleph Zero, Embracing a Multi-Chain Future

Interlock Leaps into a Multichain Era, Bringing Enhanced Security, User Empowerment, and Innovative Features to the Forefront.

Greetings Interlockers!

We're thrilled to unveil a significant milestone for the Interlock Network: the development and future launch of our products and $ILOCK on the Arbitrum Network.

Why Multichain? In a world where blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, flexibility and accessibility are key. By launching $ILOCK on both Aleph Zero and Arbitrum, we're not just expanding our reach; we're empowering our users with choice and enhancing security for all Interlock network participants.

Broader Reach = More Users = Smarter Security

With the launch of our products and token on the Arbitrum network, we are poised to significantly broaden our audience, tapping into Arbitrum's vast user base of 11.6 million active accounts.

More active ThreatSlayer users translate to a safer network for everyone. Users of ThreatSlayer have the option to contribute anonymized security data, fortifying the network's defenses. Moreover, users can earn $ILOCK by staking it on misclassified pages through a process we call security staking. As our user base grows, so does the number of web pages scanned and threats flagged. This, in turn, amplifies the intelligence of our AI Threat Detection system, benefiting all participants in the network. Additionally, the influx of more data enhances the value of our crowd-sourced threat intelligence, providing increased value for the enterprise segment of our business.

Aleph Zero: Privacy and Speed

Aleph Zero stands out for its privacy features and swift transaction processing. This integration aligns perfectly with our commitment to provide a secure and efficient environment for our users.

Arbitrum: Efficiency and Ethereum Compatibility

Arbitrum enhances the experience with its Ethereum compatibility and improved efficiency. This allows users familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem to seamlessly interact with $ILOCK, enjoying the benefits of reduced gas fees and faster transactions.

Benefits for the Community

Wider Access: Be it privacy-focused users or Ethereum enthusiasts, users can choose which network they want to earn rewards and perform security staking.

Enhanced Security: A multichain approach diverses, contributing to a more robust network.

User Choice: Flexibility to use $ILOCK on a preferred blockchain.

Innovative Features: Leverage the unique strengths of both Aleph Zero and Arbitrum.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this exciting journey, our focus remains on innovation, security, and community. The multichain launch of $ILOCK and blockchain-enabled security products is just the beginning. We're dedicated to exploring new frontiers in blockchain technology to continuously enhance the value we offer to our users.

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