A new year has dawned, yet the same energy from the Interlock team still stands. As the year unfolds and starts to bud, we are continuing to gear towards a fruitful 2023. Here are some of the exciting upcoming targets we have set.

$ILOCK release

In the first half of 2023, we’re aiming to release our native token, $ILOCK. This will enable the project to flow and help users get rewarded for their contribution, such as by using the browser extension and choosing whether to share their data with the team to make Web3 safer. 


Alongside Aleph Zero, Interlock will look to increase the number of partnerships we have within the space. This will help increase the visibility and usage of the project with other projects that have the same targets for Web3 and the DeFi space. As the crypto space continues to grow, so will hacks and scams, resulting in more eyes being on the Decentralised Security (DeSec) space.  

Full launches and updates to products 

Our products Bouncer and ThreatSlayer will see full launches as well as marketing campaigns in order to spread the word on how these products can help the Web3 space. As usage begins to grow and we start to receive more feedback on the products, updates will be made to them to make sure they are the best possible products to protect users’ crypto wallets. 

Staking and Token Utility

Interlock will launch yield staking, grey area staking, and a bounty hunter program. This will allow token usage to grow and maintain the running of the project. This means that human assistance to determine whether a page is safe or not is also used, and so the users who help determine this get rewarded for helping as well.

Enterprise Launch

In the later stages of 2023, Interlock will launch its data platform for consumption, marketing directly to enterprises and cybersecurity companies. This means that Interlock will dive into the Threat Intelligence space, which has a wider scope of protecting enterprises as well. 

As more important milestones loom on the horizon, we hope you're as excited as we are on this journey to make Web3 safer for all.

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