Interlock welcomes Chris, also known as Super Aleph Zero or @AlephSuper on social media, as the manager of our Ambassador Program.

Chris's impressive track record and dedication over the past three years as an Ambassador for Aleph Zero convinced us he's the perfect fit.  Chris will lead the program, designed to be a well-structured initiative with clear incentives and direction.

A Program Built on Excellence

The Interlock Ambassador Program aims to surpass traditional programs by providing a well-managed experience with clear benefits for participants. Under Chris's leadership, the program will offer a dynamic and rewarding opportunity for qualified individuals. Details regarding the selection process will be available soon.

Proven Experience and Leadership

Chris brings a wealth of experience, having served as an Ambassador for Aleph Zero for the past three years.  Within the community, he earned the nickname "Super Aleph Zero" through his dedication and proven success.  Chris also possesses exceptional social media skills, having grown a Twitter following of 17,000 from scratch. This talent for community engagement makes him the ideal candidate to guide our program towards a strong future.

Tailored Rewards and Recognition

The Interlock Ambassador Program will feature four distinct tiers. Each tier offers rewards carefully aligned with the level of an ambassador's contribution.

Welcome, Chris!

Please join us in welcoming Chris to the Interlock family. His experience, combined with our commitment to clear structure and well-defined incentives, will ensure the Ambassador Program's success. Stay tuned for further updates on how to join! 

Want to learn more? Follow Chris on social media for insights and updates!

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