Interlock is committed to creating a safer internet for everyone through a collaborative effort. With this addition, Interlock is better equipped to provide enterprise-grade security solutions to our clients. We believe that AI technology will continue to play a critical role in the future of cybersecurity, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this development.

How does this enterprise-grade security technology defend web users against never-before-seen threats?

We recently unveiled our bad-ass browser extension ThreatSlayer, but what’s goes on behind the scenes that enables it to slay threats? Our Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection detects new, never-before-seen threats that other products miss. How does it work and how can it help keep your information and wallet safe?

AI Threat Detection Stays One Step Ahead of Cyber Criminals

AI Threat Detection allows our products to detect novel scams and never-before-seen phishing sites, which is crucial in protecting people from scam sites, especially in the crypto and Web3 space. As new products come into the market, so do new phishing sites which try to drain wallets or steal funds. With our AI, instead of simply blocking known blacklisted sites, it will also allow for the blocking of new ones. The prevention of zero-day attacks through the AI recognizing copied material is crucial in battling newly-introduced scams.

Supervised Learning Model for Real-Time Security

Our AI Threat Detection system uses specialized algorithms to identify malicious sites in real-time. The system is built using a library called SciKit Learn, and it's tested using a repeatable process to ensure its performance.

We created a supervised learning model, which is a type of machine learning where a model is trained on a labeled dataset, where the desired output is already known. An example of a supervised learning system is a model that is built to identify types of fruit. The model is trained on a dataset of pictures of fruits along with their corresponding labels (e.g. apple, banana, orange). The model learns to recognize the visual characteristics of each type of fruit and can then be used to classify new, unseen images of fruits as one of the known types. 

For instance, if the model is presented with a new image of a strawberry, it will be able to correctly identify it as a strawberry. Similarly, our AI Threat Detection system uses a supervised learning approach to identify malicious websites. The system is trained on a dataset of known good and known bad websites and uses this training data to make predictions about new websites it encounters. It uses feature selection to identify key characteristics of a website that may indicate if it is malicious or not. Additionally, it also uses information from various sources, such as safe browsing lists, to make its predictions and protect users from new, unseen malicious websites.

ThreatSlayer and Bouncer, Your AI-Powered Security Products

Our security browser extension, ThreatSlayer and our Discord security bot, Bouncer use AI.  These both protect users from a number of malicious attacks delivered via URL, including: 

  • crypto and NFT scams
  • phishing links
  • dangerous URLs
  • bad downloads
  • malware

Our products were created with Web3 in mind, but work for any internet user that has a Chrome, Brave, Edge or Firefox browser. They were created in response to the increasing number of phishing attacks targeting cryptocurrency users, where in 2022, $7.7 billion were stolen in crypto scams. The scammers and hackers are even eluding big tech companies such as Google, as one user was scammed through a Google-Ads delivered malware link. With solutions such as these, the number of siphoned funds could have indeed been lower.

AI + Human Interaction =  Smarter Security Products

In addition to the AI, our future blockchain-based version on Aleph Zero, adds a  human element to improve security .Users who think that there is a phishing site that might have not been caught with the AI can inform Interlock and get rewarded with $ILOCK in return. This incentivized security approach creates a stronger network, product and safer internet for everyone.

Conclusion: AI Security Solutions for Safer Surfing

We believe that our novel AI-based approach to cyber security is a reliable and effective way to protect users from malicious actors. Our products, ThreatSlayer and Bouncer, offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and incentivized threat sharing from users,to keep both users as well as enterprises safe from dangerous websites.

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