At Interlock, we're all about constant improvements and evolution. As the cyber-threat landscape changes, so do we. We recently updated ThreatSlayer with new dimensions added to our model. As we add more dimensions to our model, our accuracy improves. That's how we keep you safer, day after day.

In this article, we are going to explore how we are improving our AI threat detection, including comments from the person behind it, our Senior Software Engineer, John Mercouris.

Adapting and Learning for Robust Security

Cyber threats are evolving and becoming more sophisticated day by day. But we're evolving right alongside them. We're continuously retraining our model against the latest web threats. When we do miss a malicious page and it is reported by a user, we dive in to understand how and why it slipped past our defenses. Then, we tweak our algorithm to ensure it won't happen again.

This vigilant learning and adapting strategy is a vital part of our commitment to delivering robust security. We're proud to deliver an AI that learns from its experiences and evolves to provide better protection.

Q&As regarding AI with our Senior Software Engineer

How does the AI in our extension differentiate itself from other cybersecurity products currently available in the market in terms of accuracy, speed, and usability?

In terms of accuracy, we can say that we can detect previously unseen threats. This makes us more accurate compared to traditional models which rely on a threatstream. Traditional models will fail to detect something novel. Additionally, not relying on a threatstream makes us faster. We can detect things as malicious as quickly as they can appear. We do not need to wait on a report or an update from a threatstream. Our system utilizes both our novel classification to detect new threats AND traditional threatstreams to respond to reported threats.

What are the unique features of our AI-based extension that can enhance user security and privacy online compared to traditional cybersecurity software?

  • Our software is easy and quick to install.
  • Our software protects you from threats in the web2 AND web3 space.
  • Our software runs in the browser to prevent you from even downloading a dangerous asset or even visiting a dangerous page.

Can you share the latest updates or improvements made to our AI extension? How do these enhancements improve its ability to detect and protect against scams and cyber threats?

We've added new dimensions to our model. These dimensions represent characteristics about a page, for example, does the word "cryptocurrency" appear on the page? Do some javascript functions appear on the page that are suspicious? These things work together to give us a more accurate picture of whether a page is malicious or not. The more dimensions we add to our model (generally speaking), the more accurate it becomes.

As AI evolves and cyber threats become more sophisticated, how is our extension designed to adapt and learn from these changes to continuously provide robust security?

We are constantly retraining our model against the latest state of the web. We make sure to stay up to date to catch new threats as they appear. Every time we miss a malicious page and it is reported by a user, we are able to go in and see how/why it got past our classification algorithm, and tweak our algorithm to catch it in the future.

Why Choose ThreatSlayer?

In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and common, it's crucial to have a solution that not only reacts swiftly but also proactively prevents threats. ThreatSlayer is not just another cybersecurity product, it's a comprehensive security companion that operates in real-time to detect and neutralize threats before they can do any harm.

Easy to install and armed with the ability to protect you from threats in both web2 and web3 space, ThreatSlayer is the future of browser security. It runs in the background, protecting you from malicious assets or dangerous pages without interrupting your workflow.

Combine this with the future blockchain-based version that rewards users for sharing anonymized security data, and you have a win-win solution for staying secure online while contributing to the wider internet safety ecosystem.


In conclusion, ThreatSlayer is more than just a browser extension. It's a testament to Interlock's commitment to creating a safer internet for all users. Whether you're a casual surfer or a full-time digital dweller, with ThreatSlayer, you're always one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

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