Meet Law, our standout community member this month! Advancing from a curious crypto novice to an eager Web3 learner, Law's journey began with a simple introduction to trading last year. Fueled by boundless curiosity, Law has delved deep into the complex realm of crypto technology, driven by a desire to uncover its secrets and make meaningful contributions to our dynamic community.

What ignited your interest in crypto?

Last year, a friend introduced me to trading, like many others here, but it didn't go well, so I took a break and focused on my studies. Later that year, another encounter with Web3 led me into the world of airdrop hunting. I got hooked, addicted to the process despite the uncertain returns. This journey led me to Interlock and the team behind it. Since then, I've been exploring the vast opportunities in this field, dreaming of a future where I can retire my parents and gain invaluable knowledge to excel in Web3.

Share your Web3 journey with us. Have any exciting stories to tell?

It's been quite a rollercoaster ride, with ups and downs like many others here. But one highlight was being chosen as a Discord moderator for a project. Seems simple, but it opened up countless opportunities for me. That's my biggest win of 2023! It's been an enriching journey so far, and I'm excited to see where it takes me next!

What are your thoughts on Interlock?

Interlock is onto something big, with a promising project and an amazing team behind the scenes. I'm confident the founders will deliver, and I see Interlock becoming a crucial part of my journey for years to come.

What aspect of Interlock excites you the most?

Definitely the potential of ThreatSlayer. I'm rooting for its success and for Interlock as a whole. As a community member, I'm invested in Interlock's success and believe that its contributions will shape the future of cybersecurity in Web3. Witnessing ThreatSlayer's impact firsthand would not only be a personal victory but also a testament to Interlock's dedication to building a safer and more resilient decentralized environment.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of crypto and your hobbies.

I'm just an average student who loves playing video games. It's been my favorite pastime since childhood. As for sports, basketball is my jam, although I'm not much of an athlete. Also, a die-hard Warriors fan, even though they missed the playoffs this year. #DubNation

How can other Interlockers connect with you?

Feel free to interact with me on Twitter. My account may not be the most exciting, but I'm always open to connecting and engaging with others.

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