The Science Behind The Slayer: A Closer Look at ThreatSlayer's Backend Tech

Andrew Ciaccia
February 7, 2024

Interlock's ThreatSlayer introduces an innovative approach to security by harnessing the power of web3. The system is driven by Galactus, our open-source rewards system, and Octahedron, our advanced AI threat detection tool. Behind the scenes, our robust technology seamlessly integrates AI and web3, offering $ILOCK incentives. This article offers an analysis of ThreatSlayer's technology, delving into the functionalities of Galactus, Octahedron, and our smart contracts.

ThreatSlayer: Using Web3 to Combat Online Threats

ThreatSlayer, a browser extension tailored to combat browser-based threats such as phishing, is evolving to engage users in active security participation. In the upcoming version, users will be incentivized with $ILOCK tokens for sharing anonymized security data and flagging misclassified pages. This collaborative effort not only enhances threat intelligence solutions but also strengthens security for all product users, creating valuable, anonymized, and private data for Interlock's revenue-generating B2B business. By actively participating, users play a crucial role in creating a safer Web3 environment.

The Technology Behind ThreatSlayer

Delving deeper into the intricate technologies at the core of our project, we invite you to explore the classified operations known as Galactus and Octahedron. Despite their clandestine nature, we're eager to enlighten our fellow companions about their precise functions. Galactus, serving as the data nexus of the Interlock ecosystem, continually aggregates user web activity and transmits threat data to Octahedron, our AI-driven threat detection tool. Octahedron, in turn, classifies, discerns, and predicts malicious web entities. As this robust data ecosystem thrives, our blockchain infrastructure, the backbone of our operation, ensures user trust and systemic security. Together, these components seamlessly weave a harmonized system, where data collection, threat analysis, and token rewards converge in a synchronized dance.

Octahedron: AI Threat Detection 

At the heart of our technology is Octahedron, our AI threat detection tool, designed to navigate the complexities of cyberspace. Leveraging supervised learning from the SciKit Learn library, it excels in classifying objects, discerning relationships, and predicting trends based on historical data.

Now, let's dig into the specifics. Our algorithm, a Decision Tree, is a carefully crafted tool that operates like a wise old tree distinguishing a rotten apple at a glance. In Octahedron's case, it evaluates websites, identifying potential threats and preventing users from entering risky cyber territories.

We've trained it with a variety of data, including known crypto scams, phishing links, dangerous URLs, malware, and more, ensuring it has a sharp eye for trouble. Constantly fed with new data, Octahedron evolves into a sharper tool. The addition of dimensions, such as the presence of specific keywords like "cryptocurrency" or "free money," scrutiny of suspicious JavaScript functions, detection of malicious code, and evaluation of a website's domain reputation and traffic patterns, enhances its accuracy in identifying malicious websites. As Octahedron's dimensions multiply, so does its effectiveness in safeguarding against online threats.

Galactus: User Rewards System

Galactus stands as the intellectual core of the Interlock ecosystem, processing significant data received from Octahedron. It also operates as a rewards system, offering users $ILOCK tokens for willingly sharing anonymized security data. In essence, by contributing to a safer internet, users are also compensated for their efforts – a pretty good deal, isn't it?

The process is straightforward. Each time a website is visited, Galactus collects information such as the URL, the frequency of visits, and whether it was flagged as malicious. It also observes overall browsing habits, including the number of unique websites visited each month. Essentially, Galactus aims to compile general anonymous page-visit statistics on a per-page basis (i.e., URL/domain and corresponding visit, flag, and unlock counts) and general browsing metadata on a per-user basis (i.e., visit count, flags, unlocks, unique visits, malicious visits). Leveraging this data, we calculate rewards and construct a threat feed, making Galactus the brain or cortex of the Interlock Network. Octahedron, explained above, functions as the heuristics engine, with Galactus forwarding requests to and receiving responses from Octahedron.

Interlock's Smart Contracts: Audited & Ready

Every project should undergo a smart contract security audit to detect potential vulnerabilities. At Interlock, we take this seriously, and our smart contracts have been thoroughly audited by Kudelski Security. They reviewed our code line by line, finding no major security flaws. Though a few minor issues were identified, we've swiftly addressed and fixed them. Our confidence in the safety and security of our smart contracts reflects our commitment to securing our project and technology from malicious actors.


ThreatSlayer redefines web3 security with AI and $ILOCK rewards. Fueled by Galactus and Octahedron, the browser extension incentivizes users with $ILOCK tokens for sharing anonymized security data, fortifying online defenses. Galactus, acting as a rewards system, processes data, while Octahedron, an AI threat detection tool, excels in identifying malicious web entities. The commitment to security is underscored by smart contract audits, ensuring the project and technology remain safeguarded from potential threats.

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