Introducing ThreatSlayer, the bad-ass browser extension that'll instantly slay those savage browser-based threats, phishing attacks, and bad downloads. We're talking enterprise-grade security for the masses, baby!

Protecting Your Browser: How ThreatSlayer Keeps You
Safe Online

The browser is the new operating system, so of course it’s the primary target for cybercriminals. But fear not, ThreatSlayer's got your back. Add it to your Chrome, Brave, or Edge browser with one click and voila! ThreatSlayer scans every website you visit in real-time, quietly running in the background. If it detects something scary, it'll lock down your browser and prevent you from giving away your credentials or downloading any files.

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How ThreatSlayer Rewards Users For Creating a
Safer Internet

It gets even better, folks. The future version of ThreatSlayer will be blockchain-based and reward users with $ILOCK for sharing anonymized security data. So not only will you be protected, you’ll be earning tokens and making the internet a safer place for everyone! By passively sharing security data, ThreatSlayer users make the network and product safer.  All while, laying the foundation for our revenue generating enterprise software business.

Free Enterprise Grade Protection and $ILOCK rewards...what could be better!?

Under the Hood: How AI Threat Detection Slays Threats in Real-Time

How does ThreatSlayer detect these threats in real-time, you ask? It uses an advanced artificial intelligence, known as a supervised learning system, that's been trained on a dataset of known good and known bad websites. It uses techniques like feature selection to identify key characteristics of a website that will indicate if it's malicious or not.

How ThreatSlayer Keeps You Safe Before Problems Occur

ThreatSlayer stands out from traditional antivirus software and other browser extensions because it's a proactive security product. It protects you before you download malware or enter your credentials, unlike most security tools that fix problems after they occur. The best part? Installation is a breeze with just one click. So why wait?


What data does ThreatSlayer Collect?
ThreatSlayer collects no personal information. The only thing sent to our servers is a URL, so we can scan it with our threat-detecting AI. These URLs are anonymized and there is no way to connect any user with any URL.

Does it work on mobile?
No. Most mobile browsers are designed to make it difficult for independent companies to add extensions to them.

Which browsers does ThreatSlayer work on?
Chrome, Brave, Edge, and other Chrome-compatible browsers. FireFox coming soon.

Is your code open source?

Absolutely. You can look at ThreatSlayer's code on GitbHub and see exactly what it does.

What is a "Slay Count"?
Your Slay Count is the total number URLs that ThreatSlayer has scanned for you.

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